Brainstem presentation (with explanation of the open book concept)

Click below to download the presentation:



I am inspired with Leonard E. White (PhD, Duke University) on-line lectures on I would like to suggest a name for a rule of localisation of brainstem nuclei: ˝Open book concept˝.

In the middle of the book (in the middle of the brainstem) there are somatic MOTOR and branchial MOTOR nuclei. So the motor nuclei are in the middle.

Lateral from motor nuclei are visceral motor nuclei. Lateral from visceral motor nuclei are visceral sensory and special visceral sensory nuclei.

The most lateral nuclei in the brainstem are somatic SENSORY and special somatic SENSORY nuclei. So the sensory nuclei are on the edge of the book pages.

Between motor and sensory nuclei are visceral nuclei (on the pages of the book).

Enjoy learning anatomy!

(Domina Petric, MD)


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